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Testimonials - Fa-Da-Do Personalized Music


What do our customers have to say about personalized music?

We requested “fanfare” (a jingle-length tune) for the wedding of our dear friends, and were nothing short of THRILLED with the experience. Adam was really enthusiastic and flexible with the process. He took our somewhat jumbled notes describing the couple and our favorite memories with them, and supplemented it with his own research on the couple’s wedding website to get a better feel for their personalities and style. He also put a lot of thought into the composition and overall sound, sending us several versions from which to choose. The result was a delightfully sweet and ceaselessly catchy tune that I could not stop listening to for days. The lyrics cleverly incorporated details about the history of their romance, but not in a way that felt like too much of an inside joke. The song was the perfect length to include as a surprise ending to our toast at the wedding reception. The bride and groom were speechless — who gets a song written about them?! By the next day, they, like us, were totally enamored and had memorized the song. Both sets of parents also asked for copies. Thanks Adam for a great wedding gift that so many of us are going to enjoy for years to come!

- Anisha G.

The Fa-da-do process is easy to get into and really quite simple, however the talent on the other side of things is anything but. With multiple full-length albums under his belt, and a heavy lifetime romance with music, Adam Lindquist is a man of unspeakable talent and a mind to control it. I recently commissioned Fa-da-do to produce a song as a wedding gift for two dear friends of mine. A few nights after returning from the honeymoon, the couple sat down after dinner to play what I had given them on the disc. The groom reported back to me in a long and heartfelt email the next day, that he could recall only twice in his life when he was moved in such a powerful manner that it actuallycaused an absolute speechlessness. The first time was when his wife had first told him she had feelings for him. The second was the night prior, when he heard Adam’s song.

- Dan B.

I organized a family reunion between our Swedish and American cousins for last July in our ancestral town of Tvaaker, Sweden. To celebrate the occasion, I asked Adam to write a special song that I could play at the reunion, and he composed ‘Distant Family.’ It was the perfect song for the occasion and was appreciated by everyone! Thanks, Adam.

- Carl L.