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Soundtracks - Fa-Da-Do Personalized Music


I am currently available for soundtrack work.

Fa-Da-Do is not just exclusively about personalized songs. I'm also interested in producing longer-form music in support of video and film. I've showcased a few of my previous projects here.

Get in touch for more info.

Request custom music from Fa-Da-Do

Stalk and Deception

I put some music to that crazy stalking kitty.

Strange Internets

A Facebook contest that asked people to submit 3 words to be made into a song and a subsequent video. Here it is.

Harriet Tubman

This video and song was produced in response to a Fan-Fare contest over at www.facebook.com/fadado. Video and Music by Adam Lindquist


This footage comes from a space shuttle launch in 2008 just as the main booster rockets are jettisoned from the shuttle. ┬áThe camera falls with the booster rockets, through the atmosphere for over 5 minutes then landing in the ocean. ┬áThe accompanying music was composed as a compliment to the eerie and beautiful transition from …View this soundtrack.

A Hawk in Brooklyn

The music in this short clip was inspired by the sight of a this natural predator in dense, man-made environment. It’s an evocative sight, if somewhat unsettling.   Video by Nick Kircos Music by Adam Lindquist