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About Fa-Da-Do - Fa-Da-Do Personalized Music

About Fa-Da-Do

What is Fa-da-do? (pronounced fah-da-doh)

Songwriting often starts by finding a song’s purpose. With Fa-da-do, the client sets the purpose of a musical work or song and I work to turn it into reality. I take pride in creating an original, exciting and relevant piece of music that gets to the heart of your idea. One exciting quality about this shared creative process is that certain details or ideas that might never be documented can be put into a catchy, delightful tune for posterity… and longer.

It is said, in order to produce good work, you must write what you know. This is why I consider this Fa-da-do project to be ‘high-end’ songwriting: I spend enough time with each subject so that I can really know it and understand its purpose. (This is why it is very helpful to get as much information and detail on the subject as possible). Once I understand it, I can work more intuitively to create something that is meaningful, entertaining and accessible to the intended audience.

The Fa-da-do process is similar to hiring an artist to paint a portrait. In both relationships, the client is providing the subject and the artist is providing the skills and distinct personal style to create the work. For the client, it’s important to understand the artist’s style and ability (which is why I like to provide samples of my work). Just like a painter, I’m being compensated for the time and skill I’ve dedicated to the artwork, not necessarily the artwork itself.


Who am I?

I am Adam Lindquist, a songwriter/producer who has been creating music for ages and eons. I have several self-produced studio albums, and an innumerable number of songs and musical works purposed for birthdays, videos, concert band performances, weddings, seductions, breakfast and comedy sketches. Excitement, for me, comes in turning abstract ideas into concrete and moving sounds.